Homebuyer Counseling Seminars assist potential homebuyers with all aspects of the home buying process. Seminar content includes information on how much one can afford to spend on a home, qualifying for a loan, the loan application process, the variety of loan products available, budgeting and money management, credit as it relates to homebuying, working with real estate professionals in selecting a home, home inspections, the attorney’s role in purchasing a home, and with the closing process. The guest speakers include a Bank Representative, an Attorney, a Realtor, an Insurance representative, and a Home Inspector. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and to be pre-qualified for a mortgage. Completion of the seminar will satisfy the counseling requirements of loan programs and some of the community programs, which require homebuyer counseling. Please use our convenient Register On-Line feature.

The classes are held at the Plymouth Town Hall, 11 Lincoln Street, Plymouth, MA.

As an exception, homebuyers can take a substantial portion of the seminar on-line. After completion of the on-line portions, the homebuyer will be required to meet with a housing counselor to complete the seminar and validate their certificate. Please use our convenient register on-line feature.