Welcome to the Plymouth Redevelopment Authority (PRA)

The Plymouth Redevelopment Authority (PRA) is an independent public agency, which administers numerous programs designed to improve housing ownership, redevelop public and private parcels, and provide rehabilitation assistance to substandard properties in the community.

Although the PRA is an independent public agency it operates within the administration of the Town of Plymouth Office of Planning and Community Development, and in close collaboration with the Office of Community Development.

Within this site you will find a variety of programs, services and resources provided by the agency and partnering organizations within the community. In addition, the PRA provides ongoing First Time Home Buyer programs, as well as administers a variety of Affordable Housing Lottery Services for rental and ownership units in Plymouth and throughout the region.

Current Listings

For a current listing of Affordable Housing Lotteries click here.


For live first time homebuyer classes, click here.

For on-demand first time homebuyer classes, click here.

Please feel free to contact us directly at (508) 747-1620 ext. 10147, email us at  redevelopment@plymouth-ma.gov, or visit our office in Plymouth Town Hall at 26 Court Street in Plymouth, MA.

Hours of Operation:  Monday - Thursday 9AM - 3PM