Economic Development

Programs and services offered through the Plymouth Redevelopment Authority

Brownfields and 21E Assessments:

The PRA has the legislative powers to access a variety of state and federal resources to undertake remediation of brownfield sites and 21E conditions. The PRA can obtain assistance from public sector partners such as MassDevelopment, Environmental Protection Agency, and the Office of the Attorney General to provide preliminary site assessment services, project financing, project management and liability protections.

Site Planning and Development Services:

The organization has broad powers to plan and implement activities to redevelop underutilized, deteriorated or blighted properties and open areas to encourage new development and promote sound growth. The PRA is exempt from the Uniform Procurement Act in accordance with an Approved Urban Renewal Plan, and has eminent domain powers making it particularly effective in large-scale and complex redevelopment projects and land assembly.

For additional resources and services associated with Economic Development in the Town of Plymouth please visit these partnering agencies:

Office of Planning and Development

Office of Community Development

Office of Economic Development & Tourism

Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce