The Neighborhood Rehabilitation program is a Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency program that allows first time homebuyers to purchase and rehab a home with a below market rate home loan rather than using one loan for the purchase and procuring a second home improvement loan for the rehab. Like other MHFA programs, participants must meet certain income eligibility requirements.

Once a possible home is identified, the homebuyer forms a partnership with a local MHFA financial institution and the local rehab agency. The financial institution provides the financing and underwrites the loan. The local rehab agency assists with plans and specifications, prepares the work write up, reviews contracts, and oversees construction. The primary benefit of the program is that the homebuyer avoids the high cost of a construction or home improvement loan and is also able to amortize the rehab cost over the same thirty years as the purchase cost.

Eligibility Requirements

Family Size Income Limit
1 $97,800.00
2 $97,800.00
3 $112,400.00
4 $112,400.00
5 $112,400.00
6 $112,400.00
7 $112,400.00
8 $112,400.00


Please contact us to validate these income limits and to check for any other eligibility requirements.