Get the Lead Out

Through MassHousing the PRA provides guidance in securing home funds and residential de-leading programs, with 0% interest and deferred payments until resale if a child under 6 resides in the house.

In 1971, Massachusetts enacted the nation's first lead law requiring all residential property owners to abate or remove the risk of lead poisoning in homes with children under the age of six. The continued presence of lead paint in existing residential structures has persisted as an urgent health concern in the Commonwealth for more than two decades. This concern triggered a state-wide effort to remove lead paint from residential buildings.

As part of this effort, MassHousing in cooperation with the Department of Housing and Community Development, the Department of Public Health, and Local Rehabilitation Agencies across Massachusetts, is offering a loan program to help homeowners, investors, and non-profit organizations finance lead paint abatement in 1-4 family residential properties.

State-wide Lead Paint Abatement Loans are initiated through Local Rehabilitation Agencies designated by the Secretary of the Department of Housing and Community Development to assist Borrowers through every step of the Loan application and abatement process. Lead paint abatement inspections, and high risk removal can only be done by state-licensed inspectors and contractors who have liability/workman’s compensation insurance and an errors and omissions policy.

Lead Paint Loans are recorded as a mortgage, junior to any first or second mortgage already in place.

For program information and eligibility requirements visit MassHousing.