The PRA conducts live first time homebuyer classes throughout the year, as well as an on-demand course for those unable to participate in the live sessions.  Upon successful completion of either program, homebuyers are eligible for a variety of first time homebuyer assistance programs provided through partnering public and private agencies.

Homebuyer counseling seminars assist potential homebuyers with all aspects of the home buying process. Seminar content includes information on how much one can afford to spend on a home, qualifying for a loan, the loan application process, the variety of loan products available, budgeting and money management, credit as it relates to homebuying, working with real estate professionals in selecting a home, home inspections, the attorney’s role in purchasing a home, and with the closing process. The guest speakers include a bank representative, an attorney, a realtor, an insurance representative, and a home inspector. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and to be pre-qualified for a mortgage. Completion of the seminar will satisfy the counseling requirements of loan programs and some of the community programs, which require homebuyer counseling.